Who am I and what is this?

Who am I? My name is Claire Newton. I am 22 years old and from Cork, Ireland. I am in my final year of Commerce with Hispanic Studies in University College Cork. I have undertaken this project for a translation module I am doing. I began learning Spanish three years ago and have quickly grown to love Hispanic culture.

What is this?; To begin I will give an introduction into the project I have done. I chose to do a timeline of the events in Catalonia that occurred during October 2017 as a result of the political decision by pro-independence parties to hold a disputed referendum on secession from Spain. During this time the Catalan Government lead by Carles Puigdemont announced they would hold a vote for Independence from Spain and encouraged all the people who identified as Catalan to come out and vote. The Spanish Government lead by Mariano Rajoy dismissed this and declared the vote illegal. This caused a major rift between those who identified as Spanish and those who identified as Catalan. Following the decision to seek independence through an illegal vote, there was a sequence of events that occurred including both the Catalan and Spanish government and key public figures. These events, such as police brutality, an unprecedented speech to the nation by the current Spanish king, and businesses leaving the area, are key components that when combined create the timeline. I chose to use newspaper articles from a major respected Spanish newspaper in order to document these conditions in Catalonia.